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Your multilingual text summarization software, AISummarizer, is an "over the top" summarizer that offers a more efficient method of text reading !
Your business requires the reading of a considerable number of documents: we have the solution to reduce up to 80% of your time reading and get the gist of the content.

This Automatic Text Summarizer is very easy to use, the summarizer produces a summary of the text of your documents and web pages as well as a synthesis of the entire contents of a folder on your computer with just one click.
Also, through the API of AISummarizer you can have real-time summaries of your search results on top search engines as well as the summaries of social networks toolss links.

Through years of research, the method developed by AISummarizer can reproduce a summary consistent with the original meaning through a sophisticated linguistic analysis of text.

Efficient both in local and foreign languages, AISummarizer is associated with a language translation module. You will get the summary of the content in 21 different languages.

AISummarizer is the first software of text summarization to offer to the user to get instantly all images, videos, photos of a web page by only one click. Just submit a web page and click the button « Only images ».

Judge for yourself: Take the free trial directly online.

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Summarization Products

Laptop computer

Save time, go to the point! The indispensable software to automatically summarize all your documents and web pages.

Tower computer

Increase the productivity of your business A server solution available for all your employees

LCD monitor

The summarized information instantly on your web pages. Easy to integrate the application into your site to obtain summaries automatically of your texts and documents.


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