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AISummarizer - Enterprise Edition AISummarizer for multi-user use on a server system. Try Purchase

An efficient tool for your business


Installed on the server of your company and accessed via browser from all computers, AISummarizer is a productivity gain for all of your employees.

With its intuitive interface, AISummarizer allows you in few seconds to:

- Have Instant summarize of all your documents in a directory of computer or of web page online.
- Obtain summaries of most relevant and customized according to your need, from texts in 21 different languages
- Automatically translate into another language a summary, through an integrated web software module.
- Save your information summary and share it.
- Obtain directly in your web browser, summaries of the results of your Google, Bing , Yahoo , Baidu and Wikipedia searches and Twitter .

To ensure an accurate synthesis related to the meaning of the original content, AISummarizer is based on specific Domains over 151 business areas. (Finance, Agriculture, Medicine, Education ... )

An example?
Each week you spend time reading a lot of web articles and documents for competitive intelligence and make your market.
Reduce the reading time, get the gist of the information together!
AISummarizer automatically summarizes all the data!

Technical specifications

- 21 languages treated: French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Persian and Greek.
- Supported formats: PDF, TXT, HTML, HTM, DOC, DOCx, PPT, RTF, XSL, URL, ASP, PHP
- Maximum size of the input text: unlimited
- Multilingual interface
- Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Linux, Unix

- Multilingual thematic areas available: Agribusiness, Banking, Commerce, Communication, Law, Economics, Education, Employment, Energy, Enterprise, Environment, Family, Finance, Industry, Legal, Medical, International Organizations, Politics, International Relations, Science, Forestry and Fisheries Technology and Research, Transport, European Union

Multilingual thematic domains available by language : German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

AISummarizer regularly offers new Domains for AISummarizer 21 languages.

In its offer, summary + domain AISummarizer offers to its clients Domain customization for AISummarizer to specific areas of their business by integrating lists of terms, thesauri or ontologies. These can be provided either on customers demand or performed by AISummarizer team.

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