Search to Summarize

A tool that will revolutionize your search on the web!
A simple function to install on your browser to get a summary of each of your searche engines in 21 different languages.
No need to go to the next page, the summary is available even within the query results!
News and Tweets To Summarize, two new innovations that summarize the news and publications related to the tweets of the largest online newspapers categorized by country and language.
Since the condensed information is obtained in the browser, you can not only use AIsummarizer software to customize your summary, but also translate it into the language of your choice.

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Web, including Google, Yahoo!, bing, Baidu, and Wikipedia
News, including Google news and MSN
Tweets, including Europe, Canada, Middle East, Unites States, and Asia

Search to Summarize on your Android Mobile

Search to Summarize always with you in your travels with the Android and iOS versions.
For all your searches and readings of the most important newspapers from your mobile, you will get a summary of information directly on the web browser on your smartphone.

AIsummarizer for Mobile

You are a mobile addict? Download the AIsummarizer application now and keep all the features at your fingertips.
Use Search to Summarize, for automatic summaries of texts, their translation, preservation and sharing directly from your mobile or tablet.
Condensed information and document summaries tailored to your smartphone for more enjoyable and effective reading.

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Two essential functions in one application AIsummarizer Pro for iPhone and iPad!

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