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    24 hours ago

    TIME's new cover: Low wages, sexual harassment and unreliable tips. This is life in America’s booming service industry -[Summarize this news]

  2. 15 minutes ago

    “What do people want me to do? Wear black every day?” asks 🎀🎀🎀 Read more on how the child star built her sparkly empire: -[Summarize this news]

  3. 45 minutes ago

    YouTube disables 200 videos believed to be spreading disinformation about Hong Kong protests -[Summarize this news]

  4. 55 minutes ago

    What is the G7? Here’s everything you need to know about the conference of world leaders -[Summarize this news]

  5. 1 hour ago

    Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been released from jail after serving time for leading protests -[Summarize this news]

  6. 1 hour ago

    What to expect of Britain's new prime minister Boris Johnson at the G7 Summit -[Summarize this news]

  7. 1 hour ago

    Over the 10 days or so it takes to walk the Red Sea mountain trail — one of the World's Greatest Places of 2019 — hikers are accompanied by Bedouin cameleers who provide traditional food and insight into their culture -[Summarize this news]

  8. 2 hours ago

    Inside the race to build the world's first commercial octopus farm -[Summarize this news]

  9. 2 hours ago

    A new study adds another worrisome pollution-related risk: eye disease -[Summarize this news]

  10. 3 hours ago

    Europe's first underwater restaurant is one of the World's Greatest Places of 2019. The whole experience, says its co-founder Stig Ubostad, is designed to give patrons "a sense of awe" -[Summarize this news]

  11. 3 hours ago

    A light rail train derailment in California injured 27 people -[Summarize this news]

  12. 3 hours ago

    Literary lion Salman Rushdie’s new novel, set in modern-day America, takes on the story of a man like Don Quixote -[Summarize this news]

  13. 4 hours ago

    Europe’s environmentalists hope their leaders will use “climate diplomacy” to force Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro to protect the Amazon. But it’s unclear if he’d listen -[Summarize this news]

  14. 4 hours ago

    Think you can stay sane on a 20-hour flight? This airline is testing the long-haul endurance challenge -[Summarize this news]

  15. 5 hours ago

    The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is one of the World's Greatest Places of 2019. In a city known for towering skyscrapers, this hotel is a bit of an anomaly: it's underground -[Summarize this news]

  16. 5 hours ago

    It takes black women in the U.S. 20 months to earn what white men make in a year. Here's the history behind that wage gap -[Summarize this news]

  17. 5 hours ago

    What the Rohingya want is citizenship and the rights and responsibilities it guarantees. For the generations turned away from every home they’ve ever had, it’s getting harder to hold out hope -[Summarize this news]

  18. 5 hours ago

    Divers visited the Titanic's wreck for the first time in over a decade. Here's why they were shocked by the ship's condition -[Summarize this news]

  19. 6 hours ago

    "Teens have always baffled adults. A new documentary about influencer culture bridges the generation gap," by -[Summarize this news]

  20. 6 hours ago

    Canadian Consulate suspends travel for Hong Kong staff -[Summarize this news]

  21. 6 hours ago

    The world's first museum solely dedicated to digital art celebrated its one millionth visitor five months after opening last year. See why the Mori Building Digital Art Museum is one of the World's Greatest Places of 2019 -[Summarize this news]


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