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    2 hours ago

    Scenes from cleanup on State Street in Madison this am, hundreds of people sweeping, scrubbing graffiti

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    All across Minneapolis, from 3rd to 5th precinct and all down Lake Street, volunteer cleanups are underway, assisted by city public works vehicles. No National Guard or significant police presence visible.

  3. 28 minutes ago

    Is it a "riot," or a "rebellion"? One suggests reckless violence. The other signifies political resistance to oppression. -[Summarize this news]

  4. 43 minutes ago

    It may be hard to talk to children about racism, but it's important. USA TODAY spoke with experts on what you can say when kids ask tough questions. -[Summarize this news]

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    Violent protests broke out Saturday in cities across South Carolina leading to curfews in Columbia and Charleston. -[Summarize this news]

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    54 minutes ago

    Saturday marked a second night of protests that turned into riots, with vandalism, arson and shooting reported downtown. Here's what we know Sunday morning: -[Summarize this news]

  8. Retweeted

    Complete wrapup of what happened last night in Detroit, when a wave of new people showed up and things got violent: -[Summarize this news]

  9. 58 minutes ago

    The coronavirus pandemic challenged the nation’s auto industry in countless ways. Here’s what the future of the auto industry may hold: -[Summarize this news]

  10. 2 hours ago

    Activists fear the vandalism and looting present in the George Floyd protests sabotages a message of social justice. On the other hand, they say, fury over Floyd's death is understandable — and it could be effective in changing public consciousness. -[Summarize this news]

  11. 2 hours ago

    Cities across the nation were quiet Sunday morning after a night of unrest that saw dozens of demonstrations and police cars burn amid outrage over the death of George Floyd. Follow along as we track what's happening across the US. -[Summarize this news]

  12. 3 hours ago

    In the past 10 weeks alone, schools and nonprofits tasked with feeding children have lost at least $1 billion. -[Summarize this news]

  13. Retweeted

    I have another video taken immediately before this one. It’s not easy to see what’s happening because I wasn’t focused on her the whole time but the break between this and the one below is the enough time to quickly hit stop and record again. This was immediately prior. -[Summarize this news]

  14. 5 hours ago

    "Enough is enough! It's time for change!" reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo wrote on Twitter. -[Summarize this news]

  15. 7 hours ago

    Protesters demanded justice for George Floyd in cities across the U.S. Saturday. Many demonstrations were peaceful, but not all. Some authorities have blamed outside agitators for violence.

  16. 8 hours ago

    Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown traveled to his home state of Georgia and helped coordinate protests in response to George Floyd's death. -[Summarize this news]

  17. 8 hours ago

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law that creates a death benefit for the families of government workers who have been on the front lines of the state's coronavirus response. -[Summarize this news]

  18. 9 hours ago
  19. 9 hours ago

    Some protestors threw bottles at Secret Service agents and police near the White House. Officers responded by firing tear gas to break up the crowds. -[Summarize this news]

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    10 hours ago

    Wild video of LEOs firing on a woman who is seemingly standing near her home. Don’t see the blue unis associated with Minneapolis police. Look like state troopers, but can’t confirm. -[Summarize this news]


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