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  1. 13 minutes ago
  2. 21 minutes ago

    Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman says there have been nine confirmed deaths in Scotland in the last 24 hours. Read the latest on here: -[Summarize this news]

  3. 38 minutes ago
  4. 55 minutes ago

    Protests are taking place in London in solidarity with the protests in the United States following the death of George Floyd. Read the latest here: -[Summarize this news]

  5. 1 hour ago

    "Now that we've all had this two months of being stuck indoors, I think now she's like, we're ready to dance." On this week's podcast , and discuss the release of Lady Gaga's new album. 🎧 Click below to listen in full 👇

  6. 1 hour ago

    "Fresh off a plane and sleep-deprived is probably not the perfect preparation to see a beach ball of plastic being cut out of the stomach of a conscious calf" Alex Crawford gives her account of a visit to the River Nile -[Summarize this news]

  7. 1 hour ago

    Stephen Wright says he's "extremely worried" to leave his home after spending months shielding. He adds that he was "shocked" that he wasn't informed by the govt directly about the changes to the lockdown rules, saying he found out "watching the news." -[Summarize this news]

  8. 1 hour ago
  9. 2 hours ago

    "It's still upsetting that I can't hug him. But it's definitely the next best thing" A sheet of glass has allowed residents in this care home to meet their relatives for the first time in months -[Summarize this news]

  10. 2 hours ago

    Take a look at the stories making a splash in Sunday's national newspapers. -[Summarize this news]

  11. 2 hours ago

    Greater Manchester Mayor says he wouldn't have allowed schools to go back until the track and trace system was "fully functional" and urges the govt to allow "flexibility" with schools and councils as they "judge their local circumstance." -[Summarize this news]

  12. 2 hours ago

    Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder who has amassed a fortune large enough to see him crowned the world's richest person, is to invest part of his wealth in a British technology start-up which wants to become a global logistics titan -[Summarize this news]

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    2 hours ago

    "Fresh off a plane and sleep-deprived is probably not the perfect preparation to see a beach ball of plastic being cut out of the stomach of a conscious calf" recalls her trip to the plastic clogged river Nile -[Summarize this news]

  14. 2 hours ago

    "Local authorities wanted Saturday night to be different, and that meant the police used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the streets" reports on the face off between police and protesters in Minneapolis -[Summarize this news]

  15. 2 hours ago

    "We shouldn't be making announcements about football at the daily briefing." criticises the "contradictory message" from Downing St in yesterday's daily briefing, saying the meeting should be "purely about the science." latest: -[Summarize this news]

  16. 2 hours ago

    "It has become a familiar sight in America over the past few days, but here it was a surreal one - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue engulfed in smoke as a secret service vehicle was set on fire" reports on the protests taking place across America -[Summarize this news]

  17. 2 hours ago

    "The scientists need to come centre stage now." says the public need to be informed of "purely the facts" that only scientists can provide as the UK enters the 'risky stage of the pandemic.' latest 👉 -[Summarize this news]

  18. 2 hours ago

    Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, told the government has revised its plans to reopen schools 41 times since 12 May because of errors in judgement -[Summarize this news]

  19. 2 hours ago

    "These changes are coming to soon." Greater Manchester mayor says he's worried lockdown in England is being eased "too fast" and people are being "lulled into a false sense of security." latest 👉 -[Summarize this news]

  20. 2 hours ago

    Donald Trump is to postpone a G7 meeting planned for next month and wants to expand the group to include Australia, Russia, South Korea and India -[Summarize this news]


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