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  1. 12 hours ago

    The top story on 's Sunday front page: Chaotic protests erupted Saturday on the streets of New York City for a third day; Gov. Cuomo asked state attorney general to investigate what happened Friday during violent clashes with NYPD -[Summarize this news]

  2. 15 hours ago

    The site offers a variety of bagels, flagels, mini bagels, bagel chips, and black and white cookies among other products. -[Summarize this news]

  3. 18 hours ago

    333 Charity, partnered with UJA-Federation of New York, is working with 14 local bagel shops and one delicatessen to raise money for food donations, which are then delivered directly to Holocaust survivors in the New York City area. -[Summarize this news]

  4. 22 hours ago

    Experts believe the lifting of restrictions will spark a flood of traffic on roads like the LIE as more people opt out of the LIRR, due to cost, convenience, or worries about traveling with other people in the wake of the pandemic. -[Summarize this news]

  5. 23 hours ago

    "It’s too bad such streamlining didn’t happen long ago, and that it took a pandemic’s devastating economic impact to encourage government officials to start thinking about how to make doing business on Long Island simpler." via -[Summarize this news]

  6. May 30

    Music fans don’t fret. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, concerts are being booked all summer at these three venues. -[Summarize this news]

  7. May 30

    Come September, college students could see kiosks with facial recognition technology that take their temperatures, courses with the flexibility of attending in person or remotely, and dorm rooms without roommates to comply with social distancing rules. -[Summarize this news]

  8. May 30

    The product, which also can be used for glasses, watches and other small devices, eliminates "up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria on any portion of the mobile device exposed to the UV light," according to the company web site. -[Summarize this news]

  9. May 30

    The online festivities will include a virtual 5-kilometer run, a parade recognizing individual groups at their homes and entertainment and performances from Broadway actors, local artists and officials. -[Summarize this news]

  10. May 29

    Saturday's cover: Local officials said they were “horrified” by the death of George Floyd as protests continued in Minneapolis, New York City and around the country -[Summarize this news]

  11. May 29

    The landlord hung a banner outside the building that said “Impeach Cuomo." -[Summarize this news]

  12. May 29

    "A lot of business owners are not opening because they're concerned that they don't have the proper PPE," Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said. "They don't want to take any chance with their employees or their customers or themselves." -[Summarize this news]

  13. May 29

    Really, we don’t spam. Sign up now so you can let your friends know what you know: 631-363-4989

  14. May 29

    2020: 🌋 Our plans:

  15. May 29

    We returned to South Nassau hospital to check in on the staff and patients. “It’s bittersweet. Our numbers are down, but they didn’t all leave the way we wanted them to.” -[Summarize this news]

  16. May 29

    Five other regions upstate are also set to enter a second phase of reopening, Cuomo said. -[Summarize this news]

  17. May 29

    The governor has used the powers to change more than 250 laws during the pandemic. -[Summarize this news]

  18. May 29

    Organizers are putting together an online event in June after the pandemic forced them to cancel a Jones Beach celebration. -[Summarize this news]

  19. May 29

    Complaints about 17 agents in the state, including 4 on Long Island, spur New York Department of State to seek compliance, not penalties. -[Summarize this news]

  20. May 29

    Long Island coronavirus cases have dropped by 91% since the pandemic’s peak in April, a dramatic reversal that set the stage for this week’s long-awaited easing of social distancing restrictions, a Newsday analysis of Nassau and Suffolk data show. -[Summarize this news]


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